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We have been with Netmagic for a very long time. Both companies have grown together from start-ups. Netmagic enabled our growth by providing us with good reliable service, flexibility, scalability at good prices.


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Recent Events

Ingram Cloud Forum 2016

Netmagic is participating at Ingram Cloud Forum as Cloud partner. This exclusive event connects influential leaders in the cloud community and provide learning opportunities around solution selling techniques, financial modeling and mitigation, as well as dynamic cloud growth marketing strategies and much more.


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  • Hybrid Cloud for Flexible, Accelerated and Sustainable IT

    Early cloud adoption rush was fuelled by enterprises seeking a cheaper, scalable and simpler alternative to complex on-premise IT. This trend has certainly grown stronger. It is more about adopting the right cloud strategy, one that not only maximizes value gained, but also helps enterprises remain relevant in a digital economy. Irrespective of where they are, in their cloud journey, customer cloud conversations typically revolve around identifying which cloud model is best suited for an enterprise’s specific use –private, public cloud, on premise datacenter or a combination thereof.

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  • A Primer on Colocation

    Datacenter operations, including colocation hosting, change almost on a daily basis. These changes affect current and long-term business. They involve things like core datacenter management, planning, operational strategies, risk management and more. The goal is to prepare for, and adapt to, these trends with an overall focus on resource optimization and cost reduction.

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  • CIO Decision Series

    Choosing which type of cloud deployment is right for you depends on many factors, including the industry your organization is involved in, the regulatory requirements it may be subject to and even the type of customers you have, as well as the key benefits you wish to reap.

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